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SHUNJAN pharmaceutical company has got GMP certificate for concentration scientific herbal medicine in 1955. The founder and Chairman, Mr. Chen, Zao-Ran, who was a pharmaceutical apprentice and now turns to be a role as guardian of public health care. Mr. Chen has more than 40 years experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, and he realized that the overall system process of pharmaceuticals needs to be combination the carefully selected the of medicinal materials with the focus on the manufacturing technique. By his experience, Mr. Chen has realized that the essence of production of medicine also needs to combine the sensitivity and professionalism of medicinal selection. In addition, because the founder was from the grassroots level, he is more careful for each step of the pharmaceutical process.



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Culture of Shunjan

The founder of Shunjan, Mr. Chen Zao-sheng, has given full play to his entrepreneurial spirit and upheld the culture of Shunjan "Credit is the life of Shunjan, and quality is the way for Shunjan to follow". Shunjan insists to provide consumers with high standard and high quality products. The chairman personally bring this culture into every corner of Shunjan. All the herbs used in the manufacturing process are selected by the chairman personally. He has practical experience in herbs for 40 years. Shunjan maintain the high-quality, trustworthy credit brand 20 years from foundation.

Regular source control in the origin annually. Combination with the pharmaceutical experience and the requirements of quality, the chairman believes that only good ingredients will produce a good product. Even there are some variables of economic environment which affects the price of medicines and the uncertainty of the manufacturers, the founder still insists on his belief of honesty pharmacy. The price of materials often fluctuate due to the changing in the environment in recent years. Shunjan absorbs the cost regardless of the extent of fluctuations of price. Shunjan positions themselves as the boutique in the industry. In response to the needs of domestic consumers, patients need more delicate and practical products rather than the dangerous products of grey area, Shunjan always wishes itself being able to manufacture medicine delicately.

Plant & Equipment

1. Focus on material selection. The quality is the most important thing.

The founder of the pharmaceutical company has taken the responsibility of procurement of raw materials by himself since the establishment of company. Each raw material will be inspected by the relevant departments of SHUNJAN and the third parties to maintain the highest quality standards of raw materials.

Source management: a designated person will go to the origin to select the herbs carefully, and then through the strict pre-treatment process to produce medicine.

Concocted management: herbs production is followed by professional ancient law to ensure that efficacy.

Quality management: Malodic acid, sulfur dioxide, Escherichia coli, Th alkali, heavy metal and pesticide qualified test, and HPLC related test.

2. Decoction essence Extraction refining

SHUNJAN takes the "health and safety" attitude for pharmaceutical production, and we has always attached great importance to every user of the product. In response to the current social security issues, all the raw materials will be strictly checked to meet the food safety requirements.

Process management: the control of the variables, are compliance with the GMP manufacturing principles.

Pharmaceutical adherence: the use of advanced equipment and deep pharmaceutical experience to ensure that pharmaceutical quality and efficacy.

Concocted intentions: take the ancient processing to make sure the ultimate effect of efficacy.

3. High standards for quality control

Quality management: five basic inspection, and multiple qualified inspection to ensure that the quality of manufactured products to meet the GMP pharmaceutical standards.